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Premier Mortgage Xpress
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At Premier Mortgage Xpress, powered by Alameda Mortgage Corp, we believe how you get your mortgage matters. In 1968, fed up with the mechanization and lack of character in the mortgage industry, we decided to embark on something new.


We moved an industry typically reserved for big banks to a small business venue and it turns out we were on to something.  Over the years we have grown, but our focus remains the same.  We emphasize quality over quantity and can deliver well-advised, affordable loans to our customers with as quick as a 15-day close.


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Julio Sandoval



562.534.1625 Office

310.941.8074 Direct

As a seasoned Senior Mortgage Advisor, Julio has seen every loan scenario out there and has no trouble navigating through what can sometimes seem a tricky road. From 1st time buyers to seasoned homeowners, Julio can lay out the best loan options available to suit your needs.  He understands that behind every mortgage is a real person or family with dreams and goals and he loves to be a positive part of the vision that clients have!

When he's not planning loan options and money-saving strategies for his clients, you can find him playing co-ed softball (He is a forward-thinking guy), working on a long honey-do list, playing volleyball with his daughter in suits, and watching his son swim and play!!!

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Angie Sandoval

Loan Officer

You guessed it, I'm the wifey! Many people don't get the wife and husband team dynamic but Julio is the Yin to my Yang! Having been in the mortgage industry myself for 13 years, I totally understand what our clients need. I work with clients and I coordinate the closing of the file by walking our clients through the escrow process.

I'm a real people person and I love to get to know what is most important to our clients. I love working with great people and providing the service they deserve!

562.261.9531 Office

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 9.59.55 AM.png

Hello, I’m Coral Sandoval-Eldred and I come from a diverse hispanic background. I used to study Sports Medicine and minor in the fine arts, and ultimately worked full time while raising my 3 young boys and doing what I loved, coaching kids in elementary and junior high school. My venture took me from working with kids to the industrial realm and later into real estate.


Continuing in sales I partnered with my eldest son, Julio and his lovely wife in helping the community through financing to obtain their dream and become homeowners, savvy investors or beginners in real estate investing.

Coral Sandoval-Eldred

Loan Coordinator

562.263.4220 Office

logo PMX 2021.png

Jennifer Horvatic

Loan Officer Assistant

424.452.1019 Office

562.277.1522 Direct

Loan Officer Assistant to Julio Sandoval.

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